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Moja App

Moja is an enterprise engine designed to empower both entrepreneurs and consumers through trade, training, network-building, and financial inclusion.


Moja empowers entrepreneurs to transact business locally and across borders, build trade networks, learn digital marketing and business skills, and access a full range of services, including loans and insurance.


Moja empowers consumers with a complete suite of educational offerings, a trustworthy environment in which to shop for products, a means to communicate with their community, and a broad range of value-added services.


Moja is a platform for flourishing

A complete ecosystem on a smartphone. It has an elegant interface designed specifically for the practices and preferences of Africans. Moja is not a Western clone and is not based on any existing platform.



Moja 1.0 combines in a single application Moja Marketplace, a culturally adapted and innovative b2b and b2c trading platform; Moja University, an e-learning environment; and Moja Connect, a business-oriented social networking system. But this is just the beginning.

Upcoming Features

Subsequent releases will include a full suite of financial services (Moja Pay), a mobile-based loan and insurance facility (Moja Money); a full range of innovative mobile-based and value-added features; and a greatly expanded curriculum in Moja University.

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