Moja University

Accessible, Affordable, Comprehensible, Practical, and Ethical 


Q: What is the educational demand Moja University is uniquely positioned to meet?


A: Building human capacity through high-quality and innovative training in financial and entrepreneurial best practices for the fast-paced worlds of e-commerce and digital financial services. Education delivered via mobile devices directly to the marketplace through partnerships with leading business incubators and educators in cooperation with faith-based organizations (FBOs) and NGOs across Africa.


Higher bandwidth and more widespread access to the Internet present significant opportunities not only for business but also for business and managerial education. The unparalleled opportunity here is to merge the rapid extension of peer-to-peer digital financial services with the training and tools needed by people to perform successfully at scale—and to significantly reduce the numbers of those excluded from the formal financial system in Sub-Saharan Africa.


This is the dynamic milieu into which Moja University is entering in Africa. Moja U is a learning laboratory fully integrated into the Moja platform and offers a wide array of training resources, courses, certificates, and subscription services for business learners—all in settings, formats, and price points that make it universally accessible.


Startups, micro-entrepreneurs, established businesses, and employees who are responsible for managing the various systems within these businesses, will each find Moja University’s curriculum and continuing education opportunities to be significant landmarks in their journey from apprenticeship to mastery.


Q: What are the practical, educational tools that Moja University is uniquely positioned to create and deliver?


A: Curriculum and video-based training resources designed to guide previously analog businesses into the new frontier of e-commerce and digital financial services. Initial courses will include introductions to digital marketing, customer service, financial management/best practices, and the fundamentals of international shipping.



Moja University will initially target the educational “pain points” of the small and medium enterprise owners and employees, the content and format of which point to a fundamentally new direction for African business education.


Moja University courses are uniquely scalable to a mass audience because they are built first of all for mobile consumption. And mobile consumption—in real-time and on-the-job settings—is the way that most active businesspeople are now learning and problem-solving, which means education must be substantive and yet digestible in time-and-workplace-appropriate segments.


Sensitive to limited bandwidth and data cost considerations, each Moja University course is designed to be accessible in data-lite and data-free capacities. These distinctive features put Moja University in an entirely different category from other e-learning platforms operating in Africa.